Designed for Developers

Powerful features, easy implementation, no time wasted.

Lightweight SDK,
Heavyweight features.

Our Moki SDK has been built from the ground up with a focus on ease of integration. You can complete the initial integration in a matter of minutes with just a few lines of code.

Once implemented, you’ll gain tools and insight to finally manage and control critical app touch points and add security needed in the App Era.

Manage and monitor,
the easy way.

Our Manager SDK provides developers with the ability to quickly and easily integrate their applications with the Moki Manager platform. The SDK is modular and you can determine which components make sense for your solution. The Moki Manager SDK components are:

Application Environment Monitoring (AEM)

This is the core of the SDK. It allows you to determine if an app is running properly and reports on a number of data points including network connectivity, battery level and status, location, device logs, crash reports, running processes, and memory usage. This module also enables app support features like taking a screenshot and pulling the latest device stats.

Application Settings Management (ASM)

An optional module that enables remote management of application settings. By enabling remote management of application settings, you can change and configure your app on the fly with no user intervention required.


The Compliance module gives you the ability to monitor the security compliance status of the devices where your application is installed. This realtime monitoring enables you to verify if a device has been jail broken, if the operating system is up to date, if unauthorized peripherals are attached to the device, and more. Your application can be built to respond appropriately to changes in compliance like disabling transactions until the device is brought back into compliance.