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Create Simple TabletĀ Kiosks

Enterprises are turning to Customer Facing Devices (CFDs) or digital kiosks to increase customer engagement, improve employee efficiency, enhance learning and so much more. These Customer Facing Devices, also known as purposed devices, enable businesses to deliver Digital Interactions in store to generate more sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Creating a controlled kiosk experience, has never been easier than with MokiTouch. MokiTouch is a kiosk app that allows you to turn iOS and Android tablets into Customer Facing Devices.


Key Features of MokiTouch:

  1. Available for both iOS and Android
  2. Showcase your Web content, images or videos
  3. Create an immersive brand experience with custom buttons
  4. Customize the look to match your brand
  5. Use rotating screensavers to engage customers
  6. Restrict Web browsing to sites you approve

Available on Google Play and iTunes App Stores

Create video kiosks.

Engage your visitors

With MokiTouch, you can display one or more videos as an interactive video kiosk or simply loop through a single video.

Showcase your web site.

Browse and buy products

Lock your kiosk into a single web site for product browsing, customization and even instant purchase options. With MokiTouch, engaging your customers has never been so easy.

Gather customer insights.

Leverage industry-leading usage analytics

Our leading analytics tools allow you to gather insights on actual kiosk usage in the field. We help you understand which kiosks are performing well and driving actual conversions.

Add Moki Total Control for fleets of kiosks.

MokiTouch is our primary kiosk app for iOS and Android and it utilizes the Moki SDK to enable remote management. Using Moki Total Control, you can now manage, secure and analyze your fleet of Customer Facing Devices — whether that only 10 kiosks or more than 10,000 kiosks.

With Moki Total Control, you can change content remotely, update apps and manage every detail from afar. You also unlock more powerful branding control and usage analytics.

With Moki Insights, you can finally measure the effectiveness of your kiosks. We show you how many interactions each device generated and can even measure conversion events such as checkout or email signup. With MokiTouch and Moki Total Control, your fleet of Customer Facing Devices will be fine-tuned and engaging with your customers.

We're transforming business with CFDs.


Belly, Inc. Kiosks Worldwide


RAB Lighting Sales Increase


Clarks Shoes Locations

Many innovative brands trust Moki.

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