MokiTouch Enables iOS And Android Tablet Kiosks

MokiTouch Kiosk App Showcases Web Content

Create Simple Tablet Kiosks

Enterprises are turning to custom kiosks to increase customer engagement, improve employee efficiency, enhance learning and so much more. Creating a controlled kiosk experience has never been easier than with MokiTouch.

MokiTouch allows you to create your custom kiosk experience using an iPad or Android tablet.

Key Features of MokiTouch:

  1. Available for both iOS and Android
  2. Showcase your Web content, images or videos
  3. Create an immersive brand experience with custom buttons
  4. Customize the look to match your brand
  5. Use rotating screensavers to engage customers
  6. Restrict Web browsing to sites you approve

Management Tools For Fleets of Devices

Now you’ve got your controlled kiosk experience ready to go on your devices. But how do you successfully deploy and manage multiple devices as kiosks? And what if those kiosks are being deployed in multiple locations? We’ve got you covered.

Manager from Moki allows you to easily handle the ongoing monitoring, control and support for your fleet of devices. With Manager you get a centralized platform to monitor, control and support your purposed devices and apps no matter where they’re being used. Manager’s powerful tools put you in continual control of the mobile experience.

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