Is Your Mobile App Secure?

You don’t have to look far to find cases of security breaches in consumer-facing mobile apps. The responsibility lies on enterprises to secure their apps.

“The end user doesn’t want to have to care about security and privacy. They expect privacy to be “taken care of” and to be provided to them as a natural right. The end user will choose to accept permissions and behaviors that directly compromise their personal data for something as trivial as opening a new level in ‘Angry Birds’ or listening to a new single using ‘Pandora’. “ – Tyler Shields, Forrester

Early Adopters Wanted

Moki is developing an advanced runtime security solution for mobile apps to provide enterprises with behavioral and environmental analytics to detect and protect against user fraud, security vulnerabilities and risks.

We’re currently looking for early-adopters. If you’re serious about security for your mobile apps, we want to hear from you.