Android Analytics Dashboard Overview

Using Agent, Moki can track usage statistics of the device and display that information in an easy to read historical dashboard. Moki is tracking analytics in 8 primary measures of user and usage data which can be broken down to view the top performers in each category. 


  • Agent must be installed on the device and enrolled into a Moki account
  • Device must have a camera for Impressions and Views
  • Device must recognize touches for Interactions

Section 1 – How to access analytics

A brief analytics overview is contained on your Dashboard tab. To access your full analytics details click somewhere in the Analytics box. To get back you’ll either need to bookmark this page or go through these steps again.


Section 2 – Available Data

There are a number of data point sections that are available on the first page of analytics. Each of the sections can be drilled into to get more granular data and pinpoint areas of interest. Lets take a look at each of the sections.

Key Metrics

Three items are returned as part of Key Metrics, those are Impressions, Views and Sessions. To return Impressions or Views the device must have a camera that is accessible. It is also important that the camera has good lighting and an optimal angle to capture faces that come into view. 

  • Impressions: Someone who looks at the screen but doesn’t stay for 2 seconds (not all devices have this feature available)
  • Views: Someone who looks at the screen for at least 2 seconds (not all devices have this feature available)
  • Sessions: Starts when a single person touches the device until the time when no touches have been recorded for a 30 second interval

This information is passed back through Google Analytics and may take a day to register in Moki. By looking at this data it is easy to see how 1 person could have multiple views or sessions depending on whether the device can see them the whole time they are using the device and how actively they are using the kiosk. For instances where the kiosk is in a product display environment the user may be asked to pick up a product during their session, this could cause another View to register if they left the camera’s viewable frame and then came back. 


You can deselect items from your graph if desired. Using the display tools at the top you can change the time frame in which your data is displayed. 


Content Performance

Moki will give you insight into how many screens have been seen, the breakdown screens per session and the total interactions (touches) the device has received.

  • Screen Views: The number of times a piece, or pieces of content were displayed 
  • Screens/Session: Divides the Screen Views by the number of Sessions reported in the Key Metrics section
  • Interactions: Touches the device has received (not all devices will have this feature available, particularly Samsung devices)


Top Devices, Content and App Versions 

These widgets give you a quick way to view several bits of information very quickly. With the ability to hover over the chart to display pop-ups with the information for the section, you don’t need to click into the category to get the top performers in each category. Each category has a drop down to change what it is displayed as a top element. For example, the first widget is Top Devices by Interactions. If you click the drop down you will see that you can change the top devices to be listed by Impressions or Views instead.


The other categories have options for viewing by Impressions, Views, Sessions, Interactions and Screen Views.



The heatmap is designed to show you where your most used devices by category are located. This section has a drop down as well that allows you to change the section you are displaying data for. You can zoom into the map to get more specific areas. This map is meant to give you a general feel and not show specific devices. 



Section 3 – Drilling Down to Specifics

Each of the sections above, except the Heatmap, allow you drill into them to get more specific data for your devices. Lets drill into our Top Devices sections and go through the options that are presented with each. This will essentially go through all the categories available to be drilled into from the Key Metrics and the Content Performance sections.

Top Devices

Drilling in will give you a holistic view of the interactions by Device ID. You’ll also notice that Impression, Views, Sessions, Screen Views and Screens/Session are also listed for each device. The columns are sortable so you can view the information in ascending or descending view.


Clicking on a device will take you to a device specific view where you can see all the historical data specific to this device and even link directly to this device. 


Top Content

Drilling in will give you all the content links by section and you can sort the list to show your area of interest. If you are unsure what the content is you can click on the box to the right to the URL (it has an arrow coming out of it) and a new tab will open with your content.


Click on the URL will take you to a list of devices that have reporting using that URL.

Top App Versions 

Drilling into the Top App Version will show you the versions of Agent and their usage in the different categories. These categories are also sortable.


Clicking on the app version will take you to a list of devices that are running that version of Agent.

Section 4 – Other helpful Information

Definition of Terms

You can access a definition of terms by clicking the “?” on the main Analytics Dashboard page. It is located in the top right of the page. 


Data Load Times

Sometimes it takes the data several seconds or more to load, especially in the graphs and charts. Be patient, it will load.

Information Not Displaying

There are several devices that won’t return any information and some devices that will only return information for a few categories. The reasons for this may be different per device as we can only display what the device is willing and able to give us. For example, if the camera on the device is blocked by a case, information for the Impressions and Views will not contain any data. 

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