Apple Configurator Basics

Apple Configurator can do a lot of things and it is important to know a few basics to understand when to use it. PDF Onesheet with images.

When to Recommend Apple Configurator

  • Using iOS
  • Want to update apps without any user interaction
  • Remotely lock and unlock the device from using an app
  • Configure things like VPN, WiFi Networks, printers, prevent app removal

How to Supervise Devices

  • Create an enrollment template and download the configuration profile
  • Plug the device into your Mac, turn Supervise on and hit Apply
  • Run through the start screens
  • Go to the Supervise tab and import the configuration profile
  • Make sure the profile is selected and hit Apply

When to Use the Different App Lock Methods

  • App Lock (Supervised)
    • When they have to lock and unlock the device remotely
    • Update apps remotely
    • Have control of their WiFi network
  • Guided Access
    • Tablets are close by
    • No control of their WiFi network
    • Don’t have a Mac

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