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Upload and send your Android app to your devices

Moki allows you to upload the .apk file for Android apps and send them to your devices.

NOTE: Currently app install with Moki TMS is only supported for Landi devices. If you are looking to use a device other than a Landi device, and would like to have the ability to install apps, please contact Moki Support at


  1. Select the “Apps” tab in the top navigation
  2. Click the “+” icon on the left of the screen
    Add app
  3. Click the “Upload APK” button and upload your APK file. 
    pload apk
  4. If desired, give your app a Nickname for identification in Moki 
  5. Click the “Add App” button and your app will be loaded into Moki for you to push to your device
    pload apk- add
  6. If your app is on the Play Store and you don’t have access to the APK then you’ll need to install the app directly from the Play Store instead of through Moki.

NOTE: Moki supports a Google Play integration with its Android Enterprise Platform. If your device is supported, you can use Android Enterprise instead of Moki TMS. 


  1. Go to the Devices tab
  2. Select your device(s)
  3. Click the Apps drop-down and select your app
  4. Confirm you want to send it to the device

    Adding Apps


To remove unwanted or unneeded Apps from your account, go to the Apps tab. From there, your list of Apps will populate. You may select one or more of your apps and then select the trash can icon.  

Deleting Apps


When a custom Application that you or your client has created fails to update, this could be due to a number of reasons. The first thing you should do is compare the old and the new Version Code in the .apk files. This is not the same as the version number of the app. If the Version Code has not been updated then Android will not replace the existing .apk.  

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