Device Actions – iOS

iOS Actions

To run actions on your iOS device within Moki TotalControl is a straightforward process:

  1. Make sure you find yourself within the iOS Platform then select the “Devices” tab.
  2. Select the desired device
  3. A new window pane will open at the right, which will display three dropdowns.
  4. Select the “Actions” dropdown and find the desired action you would like to complete.

List of Actions:


Lost Device

Device State



Managed Settings


  • Airplay with Apple TV
    • Prompts you for the credentials of an Apple TV that is within range of the device. The device will connect with that Apple TV
  • End Airplay with Apple TV
    • Ends any connection the device has with an Apple TV.
  • Install Provisioning Profile
    • Allows you to manually install a Provisioning Profile to a device
  • Lock
    • This action will lock the screen of the device.
  • Refresh
    • Pings the device for it’s Device Details and Inventory, see the article Manager Tour 3.2 – Device Information for exactly what is contained in Device Details and Inventory. This does not impact the user experience on the device


  • Enable Lost Mode
    • Lost Mode forces the device to be locked and to display the information that is decided by you. When creating the action to put the device into lost mode you will be prompted to fill out the following optional information:
      • Footnote- Message that is shown on the bottom of the screen
      • Message- Message that is shown in the middle of the screen below the “Lost iPad message”
      • Phone Number- Shows a number to call in case someone finds the iPad
      • Require Network Tethering

After this information is filled out, click “Apply to selected” and the action will be finalized putting the device into Lost Mode.

Note: For completing the Action, you must fill out at least one of the “Message” or “Phone Number” prompts.

  • Play Lost Mode Sound
    • This action will allow the device to play the lost mode sound when the device is forced into lost mode.
  • Device Location
    • The device location action allows for the exact location of the device to be seen within Moki. After the action is run, click on the action in the action history. It will then show the exact Longitude and Latitude of the device location, while also giving you the option for the location to be seen within Google Maps.
    • To see the location go to the Action History tab and click on the completed action, allowing you to see the device location. Another way is to find yourself in your device’s details tab and scroll to the bottom, where your location will be displayed.

Action History Tab:

Details Tab:

Note: For this Device Location action to work the device must be put into lost mode first

  • Disable Lost Mode
    • When it is no longer necessary to have the device in Lost Mode, simply run the Disable lost mode function forcing the device to be pushed to the same state prior to putting it in Lost Mode.

Device State

  • Factory Reset iOS
    • Factory resetting a device will erase all apps, settings and data. Because there is no signal back to Moki when the device is factory reset, the device will still show up in Moki but the last seen time will continue to increase. You can delete the device from the list. Before you can remotely manage the device again you will need to enroll the device again.
  • Restart iOS
    • This functionality allows you to remotely restart your IOS device.
  • Shut Down iOS
    • This action allows for the device to be remotely shut down.


  • Query Available OS Updates
    • This action queries the device data allowing the device to be prepped for the OS Update.
  • Schedule OS Update
    • This action allows for the user to schedule an OS update to be ran .
    • For other information on how to properly use these actions click here.


  • Reset Password
    • If there is a password on the device it clears the password requirements, it does not allow you remotely set the password.

Managed Setting

  • Set Wallpaper
    • You can set the device’s wallpaper, (both Home Screen and/or Lock Screen), using Moki.
    • When deciding to run this action onto the device you simply choose which file you want to be pushed onto the device. Then you have to ask where on the device you want to change the wallpaper; Home, Lock, or Both. When clicking “Apply to selected” the action will be finalized.

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