Follow Me Support Demo

PDF Onesheet with images.


  • Screenshare service like,
  • Use an iPad
  • Have the Reflector app on your computer
  • MokiTouch 2 enrolled on the device
  • Create tags for connectivity and screenshots to use in the Alert and Action Groups
  • Create Alert Group for Connectivity with the tag you created for connectivity alerts
  • Create Action Group for Daily Screenshots with the tag you created for screenshtos

Steps for the Demo

  1. AirPlay your iPad to your computer
  2. Share your screen
  3. Show grabbing the Support Code from MokiTouch 2 and entering it into the search bar of Manager
  4. Start the Follow Me Session. located in the Support tab. (Once they see the prompt for the Follow Me session on the device it might be better to end the AirPlay at this point by quitting the Reflector app. Doing three screenshare type things at the same time does not always work)
  5. Navigate around the app on the iPad so they can see what Manager sees
  6. (Optional) You can have a second Manager window open to show how they would be able to change settings of the app on the fly during the Follow Me session
  7. End the Follow Me session
  8. Show the recording of the Follow Me sessions
  9. Add tags to the device for connectivity monitoring and daily screenshots
  10. Show the Alerts Group with the preconfigured alert (we don’t want them thinking that tags automatically trigger alerts)
  11. Show the Action Group with the preconfigured daily screenshots (we don’t want them thinking tags automatically trigger actions either)

Things to Point Out

  • The Performance Dashboard where they’ll be able to see information about the app and the device such as:
    • Version of the app
    • OS of the device
    • WiFi connectivity status over time
    • Run time of the app
    • Location of the device
  • Screenshots taken on the fly without user interaction
  • Other alert possibilities

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