How to Add and Retrieve Files

Adding files to directly to specific folders on your device

Using the new Remote Control feature of the Moki Agent 2.2.2+ you can send files directly to your devices. 

To Add Files

  • Select your device in the Devices tab and click the Start Remote Control button on the right
  • Enter the path to where the file needs to be uploaded to
    • Example: /sdcard/0
    • Example: /sdcard/tp
  • Select the file from your computer or drag it over. The file name can’t have any spaces
  • Supported file types are .JPG, .MP4, .MOV and probably others but we haven’t checked everything
  • The file can’t be larger than 32 MB
  • After you hit the Send File button you’ll get one message stating the file was sent and a second message when the file has been uploaded

To Get Files

Retrieving files is a little more difficult than adding them because you have to know the full path and file name of what you want to retrieve. Nevertheless, it is still fairly straight forward

  • Select your device in the Devices tab and click the Start Remote Control button on the right


  • In the Get file from the device, section enter the full path to the file and hit the Get File button
  • Example: /sdcard/0/I’ll_Make_a_Man_out_of_You.jpg
    • You’ll then get one message stating the file was requested successfully and a second message when the file is ready for you to download
    • Scroll down the page to get the link you can click to download the file



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