iOS App Updating Demo

PDF Onesheet with images.


  • Screenshare service like,
  • Use an iPad
  • Have the Reflector app on your computer
  • 2 versions of MokiTouch 2 in Manager
  • MokiTouch 2 enterprise installed on your device from Manager
  • Create tags for on the device for use in the Action Group 
  • Create Action Group with the tag you just created with the following actions (Refer to example 2 in Manager Tour 9 – Actions Tab article)
    • Action sequence 1
      • Remove Profile – MT2 Enterprise app lock
      • Install Profile – “App B” app lock
    • Action sequence 2 (set for at least 1 minute later than sequence 1)
      • Remove Profile – “App B” app lock
      • Install iOS App – Select the second MokiTouch 2 enterprise app you loaded in your account
      • Install Profile – MT2 Enterprise app lock

Steps for the Demo

  1. AirPlay your iPad to your computer
  2. Share your screen
  3. If you haven’t done so already, push the MokiTouch 2 app lock profile to your device
  4. Go to the Actions Group created for app updating and edit the times for the two actions. You’ll need to do this twice since there is a bug when editing existing actions
  5. Sit and watch the app make the updates

Things to Point Out

  • If they are updating a store app they’ll need to have automatic app updates turned on in the settings
  • If they are updating an Android device the .apk (app file) will need to have been pushed from Manager. Store apps are not available for remote app updates
  • The Android update process can update the app while it is running. Only one sequence is required, which pushes the update then restart the device (Refer to example 3 in Manager Tour 9 – Actions Tab article)

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