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Migrate Device

You may have a need to move a device from one account to another without factory resetting the device. In this case, you have two options available to you. The first, and definitely the easiest method, is to use Moki’s “Migrate Device” action. The second method is to do it all at the device level.


  • Using “Migrate Device” Action
    • Via device list
      • Select your device in the device list
      • Select “Migrate Device” from the action menu 
      • In the text input enter a valid enrollment code for your account and click “Apply to selected”
      • The device will receive the command at the next heartbeat and will move itself to the new account along with any enrolled applications using the SDK. 

NOTE: If there are additional apps applied to the new enrollment code, they will be installed on the device upon re-enrollment and all existing apps will stay installed on the device. 

    • If you have more that a few devices you will want to do this via device groups scheduled action.
      • Go to Device Groups and either create a new group for your needs or use an existing group
      • Click on “Create Action Sequence”
      • Create a new sequence with a “Re-enrollment” action containing a proper enrollment code
      • Schedule your action and if you have a 2-person authorization enabled, be sure to have your sequence approved
      • The devices will be enrolled in the new code upon next heartbeat 


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