Partner Portal

This article explains how to:

  1. Create Partners
  2. Partner Tenants
  3. Partner Admins
      • Internal Method
      • External Method
  4. Known Bugs

Section 1: Creating a Partner (Internal)

  1. Go to and click on “Create Partner”.  You must be an appengine admin to do this
  2. Fill out the form, and make sure the Admin User Email is who will be admining the partner template (see known bug at bottom of this page)
  3. If there is already an existing tenant that needs to be part of the partner, on the same page from Step 1, click “Partner Assignment” and move the tenant to the partner
  4. If you need to create a new tenant be part of the partner, you will do this from the Partners Portal ( See next section
  5. A new tenant will be automatically created called [Parenter Name] (Template).  Any future tenants created will inherit the apps and profiles of this template tenant.
*NOTE – you will need to be invited as a Partner Admin to do step 4.  See the “Inviting Partner Admins” sections below


Section 2: Creating New Partner Tenants (External)

  1. You must already be a Partner Admin to do this.  See the “Inviting Partner Admins” sections below
  2. Go to the Partners Portal (  
  3. Click on the “Create Tenant” button and fill out the form.  The user will not be able to put the new tenant into any other partners but their own
  4. After refreshing the page the new tenant will show in the grid on the Partners Portal.  This new tenant will have the apps and profiles that the template tenant has


Section 3: Inviting Partner Admins

Sub-section 1:  Internal Method

  1. Go to the Support Portal ( and click “Invite Partner Admin”
  2. Fill out the form and select the partner for which they will be a Partner Admin
  3. They will get an email and follow the instructions to gain Partner Admin rights

Sub-section 2: External Method

  1. User goes to the Support Portal ( and clicks “Invite Partner Admin”.  They must already be a partner admin themselves
  2. User fills out the form and by default it should show the partner that the invite is for in the form. They cannot invite Partner Admins to partners that they don’t belong to themselves
  3. Invitee will get an email and follow the instructions to gain Partner Admin rights

Section 4: Known Bug

Only the admin assigned when the Partner is created will have access to the Partner Template. Access can be granted to other users by the main admin. The main admin will need to enter the partner template tenant and invite specific users to that tenant.

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