Release Notes – 2.2.1

Changes have been made to the behavior when re-enrolling a device in Moki if the device has not been deleted from the previous enrollment.

  • Previously, if a device was not deleted out of Moki, but it was Factory Reset, severing communication with Moki, but leaving the device in the Devices list. When that device was re-enrolled into Moki, it would re-enroll properly, but it would not execute the Apps, Profiles, and Tags as part of the Enrollment Template used.

  • Now, going forward, all re-enrollments of previously enrolled devices, will also execute all items set up in the Enrollment Template, including installation of Apps and Profiles, and applying Tags.

  • If a device has Tags assigned from a previous enrollment and those Tags are not removed, and the device is not deleted, it will maintain all previous Tags upon re-enrollment. In addition, if there are any Tags included in the Enrollment Template that are not already on the device, those will be added to the device as well.

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