Update Mobile Number for 2-Factor Authentication

For users who use a non-Google based email to log in to Moki’s Android Agent, BrightSign, and Android Enterprise platform, are required to utilize 2-factor authentication with a mobile number.

The below steps can be used to update the mobile number used for 2-factor authentication.

IMPORTANT: You will need access to the mobile number currently used for your 2-factor authentication in order to update to a new number

In order to update the mobile number:

  1. Access “Edit Profile Settings” in the top-right drop-down menuEditProfileSettings
  2. Click the trash can icon to delete the current mobile number
    1. At this point, if you have been logged in for more than 30 minutes, you will be logged out and need to log back in, prior to deleting your 2-factor authentication mobile numberDeleteMobileNumber
  3. After the mobile number has been deleted, you will be immediately logged out. On your next login attempt, you will be required to add a mobile number.


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