Using Zapier with Moki Alerts

Moki Alerts have a great new feature that allow you to send your alerts to a URL. The web service Zapier offers almost limitless possibilities for creating webhooks to send the information you use to a ton of different services. In our case we will use information coming from Moki Alerts in the form of JSON and transform it to one of hundreds of endpoints available from Zapier. For our example, we will be linking alerts to Slack. Create an account with Zapier or use an existing one to get started. 

Pre-Requisites to proceed:

  • Alerts set up in Moki and assigned to a new or existing Device Group that are firing so that Zapier can access the data 
  • New or Existing Zapier account
  • Existing Slack account
  • Slack channel set up to receive alerts (optional)

Creating your Zap

  1. Click “Make a Zap”
  2. In your first step, or “Trigger” step, choose the “Webhook” type under “Built in Apps”
  3. Choose the “Catch Hook” option and click “Save + Continue”
  4. Copy the webhook URL provided in the next screen in Zapier. Go to Moki and add it to your Moki url notification for your device group. In this step add a website name (your choice), URL (from Zapier)
  5. You can get creative and create different Zaps for different levels of alerts or send to different channels in Slack depending on the alert. 

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