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This tour will show you how to navigate to the apps that you manage 

App management is the forte of Manager and for many people, the reason to use Manager MDM. Coupled with the ability to control which apps are on the device, Manager gives you the ability to dig into the guts of the app for it’s vital statistics, change the user experience and even see what the customer is seeing. Of course, only apps that have the Manager SDK embedded or were developed by Moki (such as MokiTouch 2 and MokiManage Samsung) have these capabilities. For access to the Manager SDK contact

Once the Manager SDK has been embedded we’ll enable the app within your Change App menu, located in the top left corner of Manager. Click on Change App in the top left and a menu of your available apps will be displayed. Select that app you desire to manage and you’ll be taken to a dashboard screen for that app.

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