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This tour will show you the components of the Dashboard tab

The Dashboard tab within the app section contains the information for the entire account. If you click Change App and select MDM you’ll notice that the Dashboard tab is the exact same. Because it is the first thing you see when you log into Manager it is not the first screen you see, you’ll have to actually click on the tab. 

The dashboard is supposed to give you a quick snapshot of your account. You will see your total devices and their status, as well as device location and Moki’s recent blog post. You may also see a section for Compliance if you have implemented the Compliance section of the Manager SDK into your app.

Section 1: Compliance Section

If you have installed the Security Section of the Manager SDK into your app then you will have a Compliance Section. This Compliance section and the Overall section can be dragged an dropped to change order by putting your curser over the 5 vertical dots, clicking and dragging. Two sections will give you the Devices Checked, along with their Pass or Fail status, and another section for Failed Compliance Checks and the reasons. The drop down menu in the top right lists the app you are viewing Compliance on. If there are multiple apps within your account that have this piece of the Manager SDK embedded you can select it from this list.

Devices Checked

Shows the total number of devices that have been checked and how many of those have passed or failed.

Failed Compliance Checks

Any security sections that fail will be listed here. In this case there were 7 different items that failed. These are clickable items and will take you to the device that failed.


Section 2: Overall Device Information

The Overall section contains a snapshot of important device data. It is comprised of four sections.

1 – Total Devices

In the top left is a count of the devices you control through Manager as well as the status of your alerts. Alerts must be configured for the Device Status to register.

2 – Active Alerts

In the bottom left is a count of how many devices are assigned to each alert type. See these articles on MDM Alerts and App Alerts for more info on the available alerts and how to configure them.

3 – Device Locations

The map in the upper right displays the locations of your devices that are enrolled in MokiTouch, MokiTouch 2 or have our SDK embedded into your app. Devices typically require an app to return device location and therefore just enrolling in MDM will not return this information. Another common misconception is that if you have a tracking app on the device that it will return the information to Manager. This won’t work because those apps are not tied to Manager in any way, this connection is what is contained within Moki’s apps and our SDK.

4 – Blog Post

The bottom right displays the latest blog post. Blog posts can be found at


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