Encryption Hits the Big Screen

Don’t be fooled.

This post won’t teach you much about data encryption…but a series of posts that will be published in the near future will. Stay tuned.

No, this post is to illustrate the level-10 nerdiness that some of us at Moki have towards what we do.

Protecting sensitive data (user PII, credit card information, usernames, passwords, etc.) has proven to be a challenge for many businesses as they’ve rolled out their apps to consumers. Credible, and IT-saavy businesses (Starbucks, Delta, Walgreens, WhatsApp, CreditKarma and Fandango just to name a few) have fallen victim to security vulnerabilities and breaches relating to protecting sensitive data.

At the core of many of these instances is data encryption and how it’s implemented. In some cases, encryption wasn’t being used. In some, standard practices were being overlooked. In others, encryption just wasn’t being done right.

Because of the prevalence of issues with data protection in mobile app security, we here at Moki have become serious geeks about encryption.

As such, we’re pretty excited about this movie.

In the history of encryption and cryptography, the Enigma machine was a pretty big deal and Turing’s team’s ability to crack the code is believed by many to have been critical to ending the war.

The Imitation Game

The nerd in me can’t help but be excited about the fact that Elizabeth Swann and Khan join forces to beat some pretty heavy-duty encryption. What’s not to love?

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