Forrester’s Tyler Shields is Drinking the Moki Kool-aid — He Just Doesn’t Know it Yet

Earlier today I was forwarded a link to a recent blog post by Forrester’s Tyler Shields. In his post, he talks about app security and the current (and likely future) mindset of the end user when it comes to security: They just want to play Angry Birds already!

We’ve all been there. You download a new app and all you want to do is use it. But, the install process now includes so many prompts and agreements that end users are becoming numb.

  • This app would like to use your current location.
  • This app may contain material for older audiences.
  • This app would like access to your Facebook friends.
  • This app would like access to your Twitter account.
  • This app would like to send push notifications.
  • This app wants access to your contacts…

The list goes on-and-on. And, users are just accepting the terms so they can get on with the task at hand — all the while opening up little security risks with each un-calculated “yes.”

The crux of Mr Shields’ post is this:

“The end user doesn’t want to have to care about security and privacy. They expect privacy to be “taken care of” and to be provided to them as a natural right. The end user will choose to accept permissions and behaviors that directly compromise their personal data for something as trivial as opening a new level in “Angry Birds” or listening to a new single using “Pandora.” Look at the apps on your phone. Are you making safe application choices?”

You see, that’s what we’re all about here at Moki. Tracker does just that — provide a transparent level of app security that “takes care of” nefarious activity and threats without the end user even having to think about it. Tracker analyzes, identifies and notifies of these issues and then gives developers the tools to mitigate them.

So, Tyler, we’re building just what you say the industry needs. Thanks for drinking the Moki-aid. More will be coming.

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About the Author: Michael Girdley