iOS 7: what it means for kiosks, mPOS and digital signage

Apple just announced iOS 7, the newest version of iOS. Naturally, at MokiMobility we are very excited about what the new features mean for purposed device deployments. While most of the entire keynote was focused on personal use, there are a bunch of new features that will also impact kiosks, digital signage and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS). We can only talk about the features that have been made public, but as soon as we can we will share even more detail. There are some really exciting things coming for purposed devices!

Multi-tasking, apps run in the background!

The new multi-tasking features make it easier to switch between apps with a slick new interface. But the big change for purposed deployments is that any app can now run in the background. Previously, only a special class of apps, like music apps, could continue to run and update while in the background. Now any app, if configured correctly, can run in the background. This means that now purposed deployments can leverage multiple apps for a successful use case, even if the device is locked into running a single app.

Control Center, covering the home button is not enough
iOS 7 got an updated notification center and a whole new Control Center, which gives users quick access to settings and other handy apps. While the Control Center is a great new feature for personal users, it causes problems for purposed deployments that want to keep users out of settings and inside of an experience. Previously some customers were using enclosures and stickers to cover the home button and keep the user in the experience, with Control Center and Notification Center that approach will no longer suffice. Using App Lock will disable these features and keep users focused on your experience.

Other features to look forward to:

  • Streamlined MDM enrollment
  • Enterprise Single Sign-on
  • Guided Access APIs
  • App Config
  • App Feedback

As you can see from few features, iOS 7 will be a great improvement for purposed iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch deployments. We already have our hands on the latest version and will share as much detail as we can.

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