So What is Moki Like?

On this blog, I write a lot about what Moki does. I’m going to take a moment of personal indulgence. I promise to make a point. A good one at that.

For the record, my boss doesn’t know this post is being written, no one else at Moki does for that matter. He’ll come across it the same way that you did.

When I left my previous job, it came as a shock to many. I had been there a few years, carved a pretty good spot for myself, understood the industry rather well and knew how to perform my responsibilities at a high level. The company was poised to do great things having just won over a few significant partners and being on the horizon of a couple of key product launches. I was compensated well, comfortable and content in many ways.

Truth be told however, I had been watching Moki for some time. I had a few friends who had worked at Moki who had great things to say about the company. I had watched Moki’s rounds of funding and announcements in the news. I told myself, “If a Director of Marketing job ever opens up there, you have to apply.”

What Moki Is:

Well here I am. Three-months into my time at Moki. I’m a newcomer experiencing the culture, learning the industry and working away with the rest of the team. If I’ve learned one thing about Moki during my time here thus far, it’s this: that what Moki IS, not just what Moki DOES, warrants discussion.

I believe that what a company IS, is often reflected in the type of experience that it provides it’s employees. I won’t spend much time talking about compensation, benefits, human resource programs, etc. I will simply say that those boxes are all checked and Moki takes VERY GOOD care of their employees.

I also won’t spend a lot of time elaborating on the perks of working at Moki. That’s not the experience that I’m talking about. I’ll limit that to this tweet:

Where I will spend my time is talking about what makes me believe in Moki: the company’s passion and the people I work with.
Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.29.03 PM


I’m not just talking about the type of passion that you would hear in a sales pitch, read about on a website or see in a video. It’s the type of passion that translates into real legitimate business decisions. The type of passion that drives results and culture.

We are really passionate about mobile app security. Specifically security for customer facing mobile apps. Spend 30 minutes reading up on the topic and you’ll quickly find that there is an urgent need for an improved infrastructure. Mobile apps are awesome, but they bring with them a host of new and different attack vectors that an enterprise has to consider. The environments in which apps live and operate are different than those that web applications do, requiring a different approach to how you build and manage a secure application that is used in mass by both tech-savvy and tech-illiterate consumers.

To better understand the problems that mobile apps face, Moki has invested resources into a mobile app research team. Basically a team of white-hat hackers whose responsibility it is to figure out ways to hack popular apps. They do this to identify attack vectors and common vulnerabilities so that we know how to equip an enterprise to detect and protect its mobile apps against malicious activity.

On a side note — their findings are pretty crazy. More on that topic later.


Moki Team - 2014


As our research team discovers trends and opportunities, solutions are identified and our development team begins working in a very quick manner — all the while still supporting existing product needs.

The quality of findings and solutions, along with the speed and quality of execution is exciting for a newcomer to watch. Honestly, I sometimes get overwhelmed learning what is and eagerly preparing for what will be.

What Moki has been able to create is a very inquisitive and responsive culture. The result is a company that (in my opinion) understands market needs, identifies necessary solutions and responds quickly.

My Point

So what Moki is, is passionate about mobile app security and the success of our customers. What Moki does, is help enterprises thrive in the app era through solutions that secure, monitor and support mobile apps. Our solutions are used by enterprises across a variety of industries to create a more secure mobile app infrastructure. Moki’s mission is simple: secure mobile apps through visibility, insights and runtime security.

And we’re dead serious about it.

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