New Version of MokiTouch Pro with Playlists

A new version of MokiTouch Pro is available now in the App Store. This new version has a lot of updates and stability improvements in it, but the biggest new feature is the ability to build a playlist for a screensaver.

Now you can build a list of images and videos to play when your iPad kiosk is idle. You can add any number of images or videos and let it loop through while no one is using the kiosk. There is a simple transition between each item in the playlist, you can set how much time to display each for and whether you want to cache the content. When your customer touches the screen, the screensaver will close and go to your home page.

You create playlists inside of MokiManage and remotely push them down to your iPad kiosks. As with all of your kiosk settings, you can save the playlist and apply it to any number of kiosks.

Playlists are a great way to attract your customers to your kiosk by showing them messages or videos that will draw their attention. This feature is one we heard a lot of requests for from our customers and we hope you find it useful.

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