The 3 most important features for an iPad Kiosk

When deploying an iPad kiosk there are many considerations: which tablet to use, what content to display, where to place it, how to power it, etc. After you have answered all of those questions, there are 3 very important features that you must have from any iPad kiosk solution: securing the tablet, remotely updating the content and remotely changing the appearance.

In the video below we cover how MokiTouch and MokiManage work together to provide the only kiosk solution available that has over-the-air App Lock, content update and kiosk settings management. It’s a really quick overview, but it should introduce you to the concepts.

App Lock is a new feature that Apple introduced with the latest version of iOS. It’s a great way to secure a device so it runs only 1 app, in this case MokiTouch. When you use MokiManage you can remotely apply and remove App Lock, so you can quickly and easily lock down your tablet into running just the kiosk app. One thing to consider when using App Lock is that it requires that you put your tablet into Supervisor mode through Apple Configurator. If you want to give this a try, but don’t want to compromise your personal tablet, you can order one that has been pre-configured and placed under Supervised mode directly from MokiMobility.

The other features we cover in the video include remotely updating content and changing the appearance of the kiosk. When you are deploying kiosks, it doesn’t matter whether you have 5 or 10,000 kiosks, it is a pain to have to go to each kiosk individually to update content. What happens in those scenarios is the kiosk gets out of date and starts diminishing the effect you had originally designed for. With MokiTouch and MokiManage you can quickly push new content to any of your kiosks with just a few clicks. You can update individual kiosks or all of them at once.

You can find more details about MokiTouch on the website or contact us and our kiosk experts will help you out.

PS: The enclosure I’m using for the video is from our enclosure partner PadLoc. They did a project for Lowe’s Home Improvement and sent us one of the enclosures. They are really high-quality, look beautiful and fully customizable.


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