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Step #1 – Configure Content URLs 

Your website content URLs will need to be configured so that you can have the unique identifier that you decide to use as a get parameter.

In the Moki Kiosk settings, you will need to add the device identifier that you decided to use to the end of the URL.

The following strings will work with this feature:

  • {% raw %} {{deviceName}} {% endraw %}
  • {% raw %} {{serialNumber}} {% endraw %}
  • {% raw %} {{wifiMac}} {% endraw %}
  • {% raw %} {{udid}} {% endraw %}
  • {% raw %} {{tenantName}} {% endraw %}
  • {% raw %} {{tenantId}} {% endraw %}

The resulting URL will look something like this:{% raw %} {{serialNumber}} {% endraw %} In this example, Moki will automatically add the device’s serial number and pass it through to the website.

Step #2 – Parse The Data

Parse the unique identifier out of your content URLs.

Step #3 – Google Analytics Events

Add that value as a label in the Google Analytics Events. Please refer to article to learn more:

Step #4 – Associate the Action to the device

Label the action to associate it with a device.

Options that you can configure could be, ability to see every button that was clicked, every page that was viewed, every content that was played and the duration of playback, how many sessions were started, etc. If configured correctly, this will tie back to each device so that you know exactly which device is being used and how long each device is being used for.

Most web developers and marketing experts should be able to configure this for you if you need help.

Please reach out to Moki’s Support team if you have any questions or if you need any assistance.

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