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What is a Tablet-Based Commerce Device?

Tablet-based commerce devices attract customers and transact business.

Android and iOS tablets are changing the way the enterprise approaches commerce. These highly disruptive mobile technologies are making it possible to get more value at a lower price, usually with more flexibility, simplicity and overall ease-of-use than existing commerce technologies. Tablet-based commerce devices, which are purpose-built and locked down for specific user experiences, provide a solution at a reduced cost compared to traditional point-of-sale (POS) and open up new avenues for customer loyalty and revenue.

The enterprise has found tablet-based commerce devices to be generally less expensive, both in initial and long term investment, for deploying devices en mass. They are more developer and user friendly than proprietary systems and generally have more computing power than their bulky predecessors.

With Moki, these devices can be controlled remotely to create a consistent user experience across all locations. This reduces ongoing maintenance costs and reduces the need for direct IT intervention.

These devices have unique needs.

Tablet-based commerce devices have different needs than general-use mobile devices. These devices are needed for a single purpose and must be hardened and locked down to a specific user experience. Because they need to be used for long periods of time, by many different users, it is necessary for the enterprise to know they are working, how they are working and whether or not they are facing operational challenges.

Unlike general-use tablets, that have owners who manage app and OS updates, these devices are ownerless. They must have the capability to control devices and app settings, push app and OS updates and change content, without requiring physical intervention.

Traditional mobile device management (MDM) solutions, which manage general-use devices, aren’t built to handle the complex needs and control requirements of ownerless devices. Moki is.

Tablet Kiosks

Tablet Kiosks

Tablet kiosks prove to be more cost effective than previous kiosk solutions. Remote management capabilities, like those provided by Moki, lessen the cost and time required to manage and operate kiosk deployments.

In most cases, tablet-based commerce devices are delivered in a larger encasement and can be connected to peripherals like receipt printers, scanners, speakers, etc.

Digital Signage

Tablet-based digital signage delivers contextual, dynamic information. By using the device's front-facing camera, retailers can determine how many views and interactions their devices receive. Not only are these devices easily managed using Moki, they can be be deployed for a fraction of the cost as traditional static signage.

Tablet-based digital signage can be delivered in a variety of sizes, ranging from the size of general-use tablets to custom-sized monitors delivered by companies who partner with Moki and specialize in tablet-based digital signage.



Tablet-based mPOS devices are revolutionizing the way the enterprise transacts business and accept payments. With mPOS, merchants can accept and process card payments from anywhere, on any iOS or Android device – as long as they have an Internet or cellular connection.

In some cases, they are prepackaged with peripherals like card scanners and receipt printers.

How we do it.


With Moki, you can take standard Android or iOS tablet devices and turn them into a hardened and purpose-built technology solution. This gives the enterprise the ability to build robust and secure solutions for a fraction of the cost of previous legacy technologies/solutions.


Developing a proof of concept and making it work is one thing. But how do you do that 50,000 times? And how do you get those tablet-solutions into the field without breaking the bank? Through our proprietary technology and partnerships, Moki can make this happen.


Unlike traditional MDM, our device control platform was built from the ground up to manage, support and secure tablet solutions that are placed in customer-facing scenarios. Whether you need to change device settings, update apps or push content, you can do it all.

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