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At the moment, Moki TMS only provides the ability to create Static Device groups. Here is a brief overview on what functionality this offers the user.

A Static Device Group is a group of devices that you determine which devices to be included. Once the group is defined, it cannot be changed. This group can also be based on a variety of criteria to populate the group, but it will not automatically update and pull new devices that might meet that criteria in the future. 


Static Device Groups are device groups whose member devices are selected at group creation. Once the group is created, devices cannot be added to it.

Before you begin, you will need to go into the Device Groups tab within your Moki Total Control browser window. From there, select the New Device Group button.

new device group

Select each device that will be part of your device group from the list provided. This list can be modified through the use of filters, allowing you to refine the list of devices that are selected. When you have completed your list, give it a name and select save.

Action Sequences

Within Moki, Action Sequences are used to shoot commands to a device or a device group so that they can be completed in a specific sequence and/or at a certain time. An example of this would be to set up an Action Sequence so that the device takes a screenshot in an hour. This allows the user to send commands to the devices without physically being next to the device.

Action Sequences can be created by clicking on the Create Action Sequence link within the Device Group card on the Device Groups tab.

Creating an Action Sequence for a Device Group

  1. Navigate to the Device Groups tab across the top in Moki Total Control
  2. Click Create an Action Sequence in the desired Device Group
  3. Name the Action Sequence
  4. Click the drop down and choose the desired action and if more are desired continue adding until the sequence is completed to the users satisfaction.
    Action sequence
  5. Click Next.
  6. The next Page will then allow you to choose the desired time zone and time that the Action Sequences will be completed.
    action sequence 2
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Confirm and the Action Sequence will be scheduled.


Deleting a Device Group

To deleted a device group in Moki TMS you need to find yourself in the Device Groups tab. The next step would be to click the trash can icon in the corner of the Device Group icon. Click Yes to confirm the deletion, and the Device group will be deleted.


Viewing Devices within a Device Group

To view the Devices within a device group is a very straightforward process.

  1. Navigate to the Device Group Tab within the Moki TMS Platform
  2. Find the desired device group
  3. Click on the Phone Icon in the Device Group
    Phone Icon-1
  4. You will be taken to a separate screen that will have all the devices listed.

Scheduled/History Link

The Scheduled/History Link so found in the device group icon. The link allows the user to view all previous actions that have been completed and actions that are scheduled to happen. It is broken down into two tabs, Scheduled and History.

Scheduled Tab

  • This tab shows all the actions that are going to occur allowing you to see the device groups and time that the action sequence will occur.

History Tab

  • The History tab allows the user to see all previous Sequences that have gone through to the device. It will also show you if the Actions were completed or failed in the device.

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