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Moki turns Android, iOS & BrightSign devices into dedicated signage displays or media players. Use Moki’s Total Control platform to remotely manage, update, and monitor your devices.

What Types Of Things Can Digital Signs Be Used For?

Businesses are increasingly using digital signs for a variety of purposes, including visual merchandising, wayfinding, event signage, and digital billboards. This type of engaging and cutting edge marketing and content is becoming increasingly popular! That’s why Moki wants to make this tool available to anyone as easily as possible.

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Moki makes it easy to manage fleets of devices by pushing out settings, apps, and content with just a few clicks. Businesses can deploy a wide range of devices in one go, saving them valuable time and costs.
Moki Device Management Solutions

Digital Signage FAQs

Moki is not a device manufacturer or reseller. Moki MDM can be pre-installed on devices from our partners. Contact us to learn more about our partner program. Contact us to learn more about our partner program.
Moki’s alerts notify you in real-time if there are issues detected, or the device falls out of compliance.

Businesses are using digital signs for digital visual merchandising, wayfinding signage, event signage, digital billboards, aisle-signage in grocery store, digital signage in medical facilities, and much more.

Adopted for Business by Leading Brands Worldwide

Read our case studies to see how companies have used Moki to save money, increase customer engagement and drive sales.

Need a Content Management Software? We’ve got you covered.

Moki partners with Carousel Digital Signage to provide content management software that enables you to easily create, deploy, and manage your content for your entire digital signage fleet.

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