Digital devices help warehouse employees manage inventory, run accurate reports, and streamline IT processes. Moki’s EMM platform assists distribution center teams in remotely controlling their devices’ content, settings, and alerts.

Enable Increased Warehouse Output

Some examples of how users employ Moki to manage warehouse-specific device deployments include the following:

Simple Management of Software

With Moki’s EMM platform, warehouses can update digital devices with no employee downtime. IT technicians can access your team’s digital devices at any time, from anywhere in the world to troubleshoot issues or make updates. Your company will ultimately save money on unnecessary IT travel and overtime, while also creating convenience for all of your workers.

Security Solutions

Moki’s MDM platform allows you to sleep worry-free because you can trust that your devices are always secure and protected. Your IT will use Moki to uniformly set passwords, lock apps, set up security software, and other measures onto your fleet of devices. Stolen or lost devices can also be wiped at any time so that you never have to worry about dangerous security breaches.

Ease of Use Across a Variety of Platforms

If your fleet works in a variety of operating systems, it can get complicated trying to manage the differing systems. With Moki, it’s a breeze. Moki’s EMM software can be used on Apple devices, Android devices, or a mix of the two.

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