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Moki Ios MDM

Moki’s iOS EMM solution enables companies to secure, monitor, and remotely manage their company-owned, dedicated iOS devices. Moki’s iOS management solution allows for consumer-grade iOS devices to become purpose-built devices that can perform a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include locking the device down to a single application to operate as a kiosk, securing devices to process mobile payments, or locking the devices down to multiple applications, so that your employees have access to the tools they need for their job. Whatever your dedicated iOS device needs are, Moki can help.

Moki is a global partner with Apple and supports all of Apple’s MDM APIs, as well as Apple Business Manager and Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP). Here are some of the features that Moki’s iOS management solution offers:

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager, formerly known as the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), is a program from Apple designed to help businesses quickly and easily deploy devices without needing to manually configure them. By using both Moki and Apple Business Manager together, users can create predefined rules that enroll devices into your Moki management account, automatically download and install your applications and profiles, and tag devices so that you can quickly find and group your devices. This saves your company time, money, and resources as devices can theoretically be shipped direct to their end locations, knowing that the devices will appear in Moki once they have been set it up.

Volume Purchase Program

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a service offered by Apple to businesses and organizations. VPP allows you to simplify the process of purchasing and distributing iTunes applications.

When your business’ VPP account is connected to Moki, you can quickly and easily distribute apps to managed devices. When you assign application licenses and push out application installations via Moki, licensing is handled automatically, and app installations can happen immediately. The most significant advantage of VPP is the ability to install or update applications on your devices silently. This means that end-user interaction is not required. Application installations and updates happen without anyone needing to touch the device or accept a user prompt.

Application & Profile Management

With Moki, you can easily install, update, or remove iTunes and Enterprise iOS applications. In addition, you can create, install, update, or remove iOS profiles. Here are a few examples of profiles that you can deploy and manage on your devices via Moki:

  • Restrictions Profiles – used to restrict the functionality of your devices and prevent end-users from accessing settings or app functions that you don’t want them to have access to.
  • App Lock Profiles – lock your devices down to a single application and restrict hardware and software features.
  • Wi-Fi & Proxy Profiles – install and manage Wi-Fi configurations, as well as proxy settings.
  • Apple Configurator Profiles – all profiles created in Apple Configurator can be uploaded to Moki and pushed out to your devices.
  • Provisioning Profiles – profiles used to allow devices to install your Ad Hoc application.

General MDM Functionality

  • Management of a few devices to tens of thousands of devices from one, easy to use, cloud-based platform.
  • Management of your iOS devices, as well as your Android and BrightSign devices, all from the same platform.
  • Common MDM functions like rebooting of devices, changing device settings, updating device firmware, locking devices to a single or multiple applications, and more.
  • Seeing detailed device information that is important to your business, including device identifiers, network status, app versions, device location, and more.
  • Configure and receive custom alerts, notifying you of critical issues.
  • Ability to group devices and manage them on a group level.
  • View devices on a map and interact with them based on their location.
  • Create and assign custom user roles and permissions so that end-users have conditional access to your devices.
  • And much more.

Regardless of what your unique needs are, Moki has a solution for you. Are you ready to start using Moki’s iOS management solution for your project? Get started now!

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