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Android - Agent

This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


This category covers Moki's iOS management solution.

Android Enterprise

This category covers Moki's Android Enterprise management solution.


This category covers Moki's BrightSign management solution.


This category provides general FAQs about Moki's solutions.

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Knowledge Base Filtering: iOS Management and How-To’s
Profiles- iOS
Files Tab- iOS
Action Templates- iOS
Device Actions- Activation Lock
iOS Actions- Set Wallpaper
iOS Actions- Lost Mode
Device Actions – iOS
Require Network Tethering – iOS
Disable Proximity Setup – iOS
Create and Apply an App Lock Profile
How to Remove an App or Profile
Scheduling Actions to Multiple Devices
Creating and Using Templates
Printing with MokiTouch 2
How to Switch Between Apps and Keep the Same Device Selected
What Version iPad Do You Have
iOS: How to Renew Your APNs Certificate
Accessing Moki APIs – iOS
Entering and Exiting SAM (Single App Mode)
How to Factory Reset a Device
Uploading Enterprise Apps using the Manifest URL
How to Set Up Night Mode
How to Create Alert Groups and Action Groups
How to Upload and Send an iOS App
SDK Installation Starting Guide
Network Check
How to Know if an Action Completed Successfully
How to Take Screenshots
iOS Profile Definitions
How to Use Tag Synching

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