Thank you for downloading and installing Moki Kiosk. Moki Kiosk is one of the easiest-to-use kiosk applications for both iOS and Android devices. First off, you’ll need to know how to access the in-app settings. To access settings, just swipe along the top, then down the right side in one complete motion, as shown below.

The next steps to configuring Moki Kiosk depend on what you want to display on your device. Most people show a single web site with a screensaver. Others may want something more complex, and Moki Kiosk can handle them all.

Basic Configuration Steps:
1. Decide what content you want to display: Web site, video, images, or a combination of the three.
2. Write down the URL’s of your content (you will add them to the Moki Kiosk settings shortly). Alternatively, you can do this easily from your computer if you are a Moki Total Control subscriber.
3. Enter the in-app settings by swiping along the top and right side, as shown above.
4. Once in the settings, tap “Content” and enter the URL and a name for the web content to be displayed.
5. You’ll likely want to set up a screensaver, which can be images or videos. Again, you’ll need to enter the URL for this content.
6. Customize all other settings and layout options by going through each settings tab.
7. To lock your device down to Moki Kiosk, which will prevent your users from leaving the app, you will need to have access to the Moki Total Control management platform. Please visit or call 844-665-4669 to learn more and activate an account.


If you have a single kiosk to manage, that is easy. But, what if you have 20, 100, or even thousands of tablets distributed across multiple locations? Changing basic device settings can become very difficult and requires manual intervention. It can, however, be easy to manage those tablets remotely using Moki.
Moki enables cloud-based control of your devices to change content and settings remotely. We would love to speak with you about your project and show you how Moki can help make managing your devices simpler.

Call or click today to see how Moki can help you! or call 844-665-4669

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