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Moving Android devices from MokiManage.com to App.Moki.com and locking it back down is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Configure your app.moki.com account with your desired apps, profiles, tags and enrollment templates
  2. Pre-register devices in your app.moki.com account
  3. Install Agent on your existing devices

We’ll break down each of these steps so you can move your devices with confidence.

The main differences in managing your devices in app.moki.com is that all MokiManage Android settings are now contained in Android Profiles, MokiTouch 2 and Launcher settings are managed from the Devices tab and the details of that devices, and that you need to use the Device Groups tab to send anything to multiple devices at one time.

Step 1 – Configure App.Moki.com

You will need to login to your new account from the invitation you receive. The invitation will direct you to app.moki.com. You’ll need to get your account setup so you can enroll devices. For a more detailed set of instructions see this article called Preparing Android Account for Enrollment. Most of you should be good with this quick setup guide below.

When you login you’ll be given the option to create tags, add apps and start an enrollment code. You can follow this flow or you can just click on the Tags tab, Apps tab and Enroll tab like you are used to doing now.

Create Tags

Tags don’t copy over when you move a device, so if you use tags you’ll need to create these again.

Create Profiles

As mentioned above, profiles control the device experience. All the MokiManage Android settings are contained in the App Lock or Samsung App Lock profile. Other profiles contain limited device settings and WiFi configurations. For more detail on each profile, refer to our article on Android Profile Definitions. If you are locking the device down to an app then you’ll want to put your profiles in your enrollment template so that the device locks back down after it migrates.

Add Apps

You’ll need to upload your .apk files, unless you are using MokiTouch 2 or Launcher, in which case the new .apk’s are already in your account. You can export your existing .apk files from MokiManage.com by going to the Apps tab, clicking the app and then clicking the Download APK button in the Export App section.

Create Enrollment Template

You’ll need to create a new enrollment template, which can be done in the start up page or you can go to the Enroll tab and create them as you are used to doing. if you are locking the device down to an app then I would include an App Lock profile with your enrollment template to save you the need to push this out later.

Step 2 – Pre-register your devices

Pre-registration means that you are telling our servers that your devices belong in your account. This saves you from needing to enter an enrollment code on each device. To pre-register your devices you’ll want to follow the steps listed below.

    1. Create a .csv file that contains a device’s WiFi Mac in column A and an enrollment code in column B as seen in this image

      • Put the WiFi Mac or serial number in Column A with no column header
      • Put the enroll code in column B for each device you want to enroll with that code
      • Tip: If you have multiple configurations (enroll codes) you can list different codes for different devices
    2. Click your account name in the top right and select Pre-registration

    1. Click the +Import button on the right

  1. Click the Upload CSV button, select your file and hit Import


Step 3 – Install Agent on the device 

Agent may already be installed in your mokimanage.com account. In this case you simply need to send the app to the device. If Agent isn’t in your account contact Moki’s Customer Success team at support@moki.com. You can also find the link to Agent in this article. If you follow this method you would need to go to that link on each device you want to migrate and manually install the app.

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