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We are very excited to announce our latest version of Moki Kiosk for iOS which will be released in the iTunes App Store on Tuesday June 16, 2015. This release contains two key new features: 

  1. Moki Analytics: Track actual device usage with gestures and front-facing camera
  2. Revised Interface: Larger navigation buttons for easier touchscreen use

What is Moki Analytics?

We have been working hard developing the underlying technology to measure actual device usage. Using a combination of the front-facing camera, gesture detection and content served, we are now able to report which devices are being used and what content is most engaging — at an aggregate and device-level.

What is the app upgrade process?

To enable the full breadth of analytics tracking, the updated app must be granted camera permissions. This permission must be accepted on the device as it can’t be enabled remotely. What this means is you will want to plan this update carefully. New devices will be easy, but devices in the field will need to be updated as required.

We hope that the possibility of enabling analytics on your existing devices will be enough to prioritize that update in a timely manner. Please reach out to Moki Support with any questions regarding this process.

Steps to enable Moki Analytics with MokiTouch 2 for iOS:

  • Ensure you have an active license with Moki and have access to Moki Total Control
  • Upgrade your Moki Touch 2 from the iTunes App Store
  • Upgrade your existing Moki Touch 2 templates following these instructions
  • Enable Advanced Analytics on your device

Please note:

  • Advanced Analytics can only be enabled through Moki Total Control, not on the device
  • If you choose to enable Advanced Analytics, you will be required to update device permission on each device where you have changed the setting. This means a person in the same location as your device will need to grant access to the device camera.
  • If you enable this feature and don’t have a person to accept the changed permission your device will sit with that prompt until it is either accepted or rejected, so be cautious and work out a plan to update the devices.
  • Once enabled, all usage data will immediately flow into Moki Total Control (visual reporting will be available with our next product release, the second week of July)

We are very excited for our new analytics tracking and know you will be too.

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