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Step 1 – Download the Moki Agent app on your device

You will enroll your Android device in Moki via an app that you install on the device called Moki TMS. 

To install Moki TMS, you will need to modify the device’s settings to allow apps from unknown sources.

  • Open Settings on the device
  • Go to Security
  • Turn on Allow apps from unknown sources

Open the browser and type in the link below. The app will automatically download. Use the pull-down menu to install and open Moki TMS.

Link for Moki TMS- (Supports Any Device on Android 5+)* –

*Although Moki TMS can be used on any device, currently app install is only supported with Landi devices, if you are looking to use a device other than a Landi device, and would like to use Moki TMS, please contact us at

Step 2- Enroll Device with Moki

Go to your apps page and open Moki TMS, which looks like the picture below.

Once you open Moki TMS, you can enter your enroll code, and it will register to your account. The device will also show up in the Devices tab of Moki.

Step 3- How to get your enroll code

You should still have your enroll code from creating your template in the last step in the this article. If you forgot your code or it has been a while since you created it, you can access it from the Enroll tab in Moki.

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