All new MokiManage: The most complete iPad and Android kiosk solution available

The development team just pushed out a new version of MokiManage with really exciting new features. This is the most significant release we have ever pushed live and introduces features for both MokiManage and MokiTouch.

This release is significant not just in terms of individual features, but it represents the most complete solution for deploying, managing and monitoring iPad and Android kiosks. Putting an iPad or Android tablet out in the wild and doing it at-scale has some very unique challenges. As you look at the entire lifecycle of tablet kiosk, there are three main stages: deployment, management and monitoring. We have been beating the management drum for a long time, and now we are adding deployment and monitoring to our list of essential steps for any successful tablet deployment.

In the video below Ty Allen, our President and co-founder, introduces this new release and why we think it is so significant.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. New look and feel – MokiManage now sports a new look and feel. The dark bar across the top has been replaced by a white, clean navigation bar. We have also updated the device list and many of the controls you interact with when managing your kiosks.
  2. App Monitoring –  Now you can select any device and monitor how the processor, memory, connectivity and battery states have changed over time while running MokiTouch. One of the biggest issues facing tablet deployments is related to network connectivity. Now you can quickly see how well a device stays connected to the network and begin troubleshooting.
  3. Alerts – Not only can you see how your kiosk has been running, but you can now also receive email alerts when something has gone wrong with your device. Alerts can be configured to be sent to any email address when a device is unplugged, the battery drops below a certain level, connectivity issues or when a device is checked out of the system.
  4. Simpler MokiManage pricing – We have also simplified MokiManage pricing so there is a single subscription level, regardless of how you use the system. You can see the pricing here.

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