MokiTouch Creates First Android Kiosks with Remote Management

Leverages Interactivity and Customization Capabilities of Android Tablets to Enable Better Customer Engagement without Costly Custom Development

LEHI, Utah, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — MokiMobility, a provider of cloud-based mobile device management for single-purpose iOS and Android devices, today launched MokiTouch for Android tablets.  The customizable browser app, available at, enables retailers, hotels and other customer-facing businesses to create in-store kiosks using Android tablets and then, unlike any other Android-based kiosks, remotely manage the app and the Android tablet itself, removing default apps, pushing WiFi settings, and even remotely rebooting the device.

Creating customer kiosks, digital signage and point-of-sales systems – all currently dominated by the Windows operating system – has long been of interest but traditional PCs, laptops and touch interfaces are ill-suited for these specific applications and require very costly custom development – with project costs ranging from $3,500 to $10,000 per device. Android tablets are attractive alternatives, providing highly interactive – and customizable – experiences at a much lower overall cost.  For example, MokiTouch, Android tablets and secure enclosures are less than $1000 per device.

“Android tablets continue to create many new use cases for innovative consumer technologies, saving costs and helping retailers, hoteliers and even doctors better engage with their customers,” said Tom Karren, CEO, MokiMobility.  “Creating kiosks and point-of-sale systems – and then being able to remotely manage these devices individually or as a group – will let them better retain customers, capture sales and keep track of a good portion of their business from the cloud.”

Unique features of MokiTouch include:

  • Custom Buttons – Merchants can define up to four custom buttons that appear along the bottom of the browser that point to any URL they specify. Think of them as handy bookmarks so the user can jump to any site or page merchants want them to see.
  • Clear Private Data Button – MokiTouch clears private data each time it refreshes to home, wiping out any credentials and personal information the previous user may have entered. Merchants can also turn on a button that gives users the ability to clear their data when they leave. While a button is redundant, since MokiTouch will automatically clear the data, it helps users know they are protected and gives them control over when it happens.
  • Faster Remote Management – As soon as an administrator hits save on the updated kiosk settings within the MokiManage app management console, those settings are sent directly to the device and merchants will see the changes live within a couple of seconds. Each time the app is launched, it will continue to check-in with MokiManage to make sure it has the latest settings.

MokiTouch is powered by MokiMobility‘s +MDM, which provides the remote app management and device management platform. MokiMobility provides the APIs and the web-based device management console to enable remote management of iOS and Android devices. MokiTouch runs on Android tablets with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. For more information about +MDM, visit

About MokiMobility

Based in Lehi, Utah, MokiMobility enables independent software vendors, developers and solution providers to build compelling solutions that include cloud-based mobile application and device management for the iPad and Android devices. As a result, developers have greater control over the complete experience, enabling more engaging and new customer experiences leveraging iOS and Android tablets in new ways. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @mokimobility

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