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Need to create powerful single-purpose devices?

You’ll need an app for that, quite possibly more than one. Luckily for you, Moki has all the apps you’ll need for your project. Moki has built custom apps that take standard, general-use Android and iOS tablets and extend their functionality to turn them into powerful, single-purpose devices. Additionally, Moki’s SDK and APIs allow you to unleash your apps for remote management. No other MDM provider makes integration this simple!

Moki Kiosk – iOS and Android

The Moki Kiosk app takes standard Android and iOS tablets and turns them into secured single-purpose devices. Moki customers are using Moki Kiosk to deliver interactive product displays, endless aisle experiences, digital signage, self-service kiosks, and much more.

Moki Kiosk turns your Android or iOS tablet into a kiosk that showcases your videos, images, other web-based content, or website. It enables you to restrict browsing to approved sites and allows you to keep your user’s sensitive data safe after each interaction by clearing cache, cookies, or saved data. With built-in remote management functionality, Moki Kiosk allows you to update, secure, and control every device from afar. Fully customize your brand, logo, company color, navigation bars, other layout options, and more quickly and easily. Moki Kiosk is the most advanced Kiosk application for Android and iOS devices.

Key features of Moki Kiosk:

  • Lockdown devices to specific web content, images or videos.
  • Create an immersive brand experience with custom buttons.
  • Customize your end-user experience to match your brand.
  • Clear cache and cookies after each use, keeping personal information safe.
  • Use rotating images or video screensavers to attract customers.
  • Restrict web browsing to sites and content you approve.
  • Display content locally stored on your device for offline viewing.
  • Remotely manage your settings and content, removing the need to touch your devices.

Moki Launcher – Android

The Moki Launcher app allows you to lock down your Android tablets, enabling you to deliver the exact experience you want. This includes locking your Android devices down to the content or applications you want users to have access to and restricting access to things like device/app settings and web browsing that you don’t want users accessing. You can lock users to multiple apps or a combination of web and app content. This enables you to deliver a customized and controlled user experience.

Key Features of Launcher:

  • Create a custom locked home screen to match your brand.
  • Customize the wallpaper, matching Launcher to your brand.
  • Whitelabel application icons and application names to show/say whatever you want.
  • Lockdown your home screen to allow for single or multi-app usage.
  • Run a single app and create an in-app-only experience on the device.
  • Restrict all unwanted device usage.
  • Manage the app and device with either built-in or remote tools.

Moki Kiosk Manager – iOS

The Moki Kiosk Manager application was built to leverage the power and simplicity of Apple’s DEP and VPP solutions to provide a customized desktop experience for iOS devices. This allows your customers to use third-party iOS applications on your iOS devices without the worry of session reuse by others. After each end-user walks away from a device, the Moki Kiosk Manager application automatically deletes all third-party applications and installs the applications again, automatically. This clears out all app cache and app data, protecting users’ sensitive logins, data, and information. Moki Kiosk Manager gives a completely customized desktop and user experience defined and controlled by you. Find out how Moki Kiosk Manager can provide unprecedented control of your iOS experience, all in a way that is fully supported by Apple – no more jailbreaking required.

Key Features of Moki Kiosk Manager:

  • Create a custom locked home screen to match your brand.
  • Lockdown your home screen to allow for single or multi-app usage.
  • Run a single app and create an in-app-only experience on the device.
  • Restrict all unwanted device usage.
  • Manage the app and device with either built-in or remote tools.
  • Clear all customer session data with the touch of a button.

Moki SDK – iOS and Android

The Moki SDK provides developers with the ability to quickly and easily integrate their commerce applications with Moki. This extends the functionality of Moki to manage, monitor, and secure your application with minimal development effort. The SDK is modular and you can determine which components make sense for your solution.

Key Features of Moki SDK:

Custom Actions
Custom Actions allow you to create your own action references that can be triggered on the device. Moki provides a set of predefined actions, such as taking screenshots, getting logs, getting device location, sending messages, and checking compliance. You have the flexibility to add your own action references that are specific to the needs of your app and users. Custom Actions will be included alongside the Moki predefined actions on the dashboard.

Custom Events
Custom Events allow you to identify actions in your app that can be reported on through Moki. By configuring your app to pass event information through Moki Control, you have visibility into the full stack of your solution–apps, peripherals, and devices–in order to track, identify, and prevent security risks and operational pitfalls. Examples of Custom Events could be as detailed and specific as when someone tries to log in to your app more than five times in 20 seconds, or as simple as when someone hits a sequence of screens within the app.

The Compliance module gives you the ability to monitor the security compliance status of the devices on which your application is installed. This real-time monitoring enables you to verify if a device has been jailbroken or rooted, if the operating system is up to date, if unauthorized peripherals are attached to the device, and more. Your application can be built to respond appropriately to changes in compliance like disabling transactions until the device is brought back into compliance.

Application Environment Monitoring (AEM)
This is the core of Moki’s SDK. It allows you to determine if an app is running properly and reports on a number of data points, including network connectivity, battery level and status, location, device logs, crash reports, running processes and memory usage. This module also enables app support features like taking a screenshot and pulling the latest device stats.

Application Settings Management (ASM)
ASM is an optional module that enables remote management of application settings. By enabling remote management of application settings, you can change and configure your app on the fly with no user intervention required.

Moki Follow Me Support*
Follow Me Support enables support teams to more effectively troubleshoot problems by giving them the ability to follow the screens that are visited and the taps that a user makes on a mobile device. When enabled, Follow Me Support captures a screenshot every time the user taps the screen, or at a regular interval if the user isn’t touching the screen. The support representative will be able to watch in near real-time what the device user is doing. Follow Me sessions are automatically saved and can be reviewed at any time. By implementing the Moki SDK in your app, Follow Me Support is available. No additional configuration is required.

*iOS only

Moki API – iOS and Android

The Moki Control API extends the functionality of Moki into business-critical applications. The API allows developers to integrate information from their deployed devices (enrolled in and controlled by Moki) directly into their own custom applications. The API offers a limited subset of the capabilities that are available via the Moki interface. The Moki API provides a deeper integration than that of the Moki SDK.

There are several APIs available. Please read Moki’s API documentation for full details as to what functionality is available. The API is available for use on both iOS and Android.

To learn more about Moki’s APIs or to request access to view Moki’s API documentation, please contact Moki Support.

Regardless of what your unique needs are, Moki has a solution for you.

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