Turn Standard Tablets Into Customer Facing Devices

Customer Facing Devices are revolutionizing the way that businesses do business in their physical locations. The value of delivering relevant and contextual Digital Interactions on Customer Facing Devices is measured in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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But what exactly does it take to deploy Customer Facing Devices? Large deployments can be very complex, however in other cases, it’s actually easier than you think. You just need to right set of tools combined with the right guidance.

At Moki, we’ve helped businesses deploy thousands of standard iPads and Android tablets as Customer Facing Devices. These deployments have ranged in size from dozens to thousands and have been for all types of Customer Facing Devices: Digital Signage, Digital Kiosks, mPOS, Headless Devices and more.

Customer Facing Device Webinar Series

On May 12, 2015 at 2:00 EST, Moki is kicking off a webinar series around how you turn iPads and Android tablets into Customer Facing Devices. Over the course of multiple webinars, we’ll discuss topics like the following:

1.) What are Customer Facing Devices?

2.) How do you turn a tablet into a Customer Facing Device?

3.) What types of business problems can Customer Facing Devices help you solve?

4.) How are other businesses using Customer Facing Devices?

5.) How do you successfully deploy fleets of Customer Facing Devices?

6.) How do you manage both small and large deployments of Customer Facing Devices?


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