Moki Pricing

Moki does not charge per user, support, annual maintenance, or any other hidden fees.
Both monthly and yearly plans require a 12-month agreement.
Monthly billing plans must have a valid card on file for automatic monthly billing.

The following features are standard with all Moki plans:

Secure Device Lockdown (Kiosk Mode)

Lockdown your devices to a single or multiple applications without installing or using a custom Android Launcher

Touchless Device Deployment

Enroll and manage hundreds, or even thousands of devices, without having to touch a single device

Remote Control

Remotely access any Android device in your fleet, without end-user interaction

Action Scheduling

Schedule actions to take place at a later date and time, so that you do not interrupt users interacting with your devices

Monitors and Alerts

Customizable alerts give you the insight that you need so that you know that your devices are doing exactly what they were intending to be doing

World-Class Support

Quick to respond and quick to resolve Support Teams, with a relentless focus on solving business problems

Upgrade Management

Push application updates and OS updates to all of your devices quickly and easily

Enterprise Ready

Moki's 100% cloud-based, highly reliable, and infinitely scalable platform allows customers to deploy thousands of devices quickly and easily