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Consulting Services

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses deploy tens of thousands of devices in a wide variety of use cases across diverse industries. We’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to make tablet-based commerce solutions successful and are passionate about helping businesses succeed with mobile technology.

Sometimes our clients come to us with a fully-baked solution and simply need hardware and control. Other times, clients come to us with simply an idea and we help them bring it to life. We’re built to help clients through it all.

At Moki, we will often use a “5D Methodology” when consulting on tablet-commerce solution. Through this process, we work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that your needs are appropriately discovered and that the solutions developed meet and exceed the goals of the project.

The 5D Methodology consists of five steps: discover, define, design, develop, and deploy, which we have broken into three stages:

Stage One:
Kickoff – Initial meeting discussing current project status, needs and goals.

Stage Two:
Discovery and Definition – Outlining hardware and software recommendations, next steps, and deliverables relevant to creating controlled user experiences.

Stage Three:
Project Design

  • Goals
  • User experience
  • Device design
  • Network requirements
  • OS selection
  • Device ROM

Development and Deployment

  • App development
  • Moki client app customization
  • Device acceptance testing
  • Configuration of deployment templates
  • Device ROM setup and delivery
  • Device configuration and roll out


  • App capabilities
  • Device configurations
  • Support practices
  • Device management practices

Meet PayAnywhere Storefront

Depending on your needs, we can consult on your entire project or just in certain parts. For instance, if you have the chops to plan the user experience and develop the app/software yourself and just need help building custom hardware, we can take you through the process of planning, sourcing, developing and distributing your custom hardware.

North American Bancard decided to develop a payment system built on tablet-based commerce devices. Moki helped them conceptualize, develop and deploy PayAnywhere Storefront.

Take a look at how we helped them here.

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