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Release Notes 2.0.74 - Android Agent, Android Enterprise, and BrightSign

May 10, 2022

  • If a user tries to delete a device(s) that currently has an App Lock Profile applied a warning message will prompt informing of the presence of an App Lock Profile on the device(s)

  • Users can now collapse or expand the Device Groups and Folders list under the Device Groups tab.

  • Improved UI for all Android Enterprise App Configurations

    • For any apps that support Android Enterprise App Configurations there is an updated and improved UI

    • All settings options are the same, just with a different layout

    • **Any already-existing app configurations will remain with the old UI. In order to update to the new UI, a new App Config would need to be created

  • New Options to clone Android Enterpris App Configs and Delete from the list of App Configs

    • **These new options will only show up for App Configs utilizing the new UI (See bullet point above)
  • Android Version now available to add to Devices tab column options

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