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Android - Agent

This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


This category covers Moki's iOS management solution.

Android Enterprise

This category covers Moki's Android Enterprise management solution.


This category covers Moki's BrightSign management solution.


This category provides general FAQs about Moki's solutions.

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This category provides news and updates.

Changes have been made to the behavior when re-enrolling a device in Moki if the device has not been deleted from the previous enrollment.

  • Previously, if a device was not deleted out of Moki, but it was Factory Reset, severing communication with Moki, but leaving the device in the Devices list. When that device was re-enrolled into Moki, it would re-enroll properly, but it would not execute the Apps, Profiles, and Tags as part of the Enrollment Template used.

  • Now, going forward, all re-enrollments of previously enrolled devices, will also execute all items set up in the Enrollment Template, including installation of Apps and Profiles, and applying Tags.

  • If a device has Tags assigned from a previous enrollment and those Tags are not removed, and the device is not deleted, it will maintain all previous Tags upon re-enrollment. In addition, if there are any Tags included in the Enrollment Template that are not already on the device, those will be added to the device as well.

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