Single-Purpose Device Solutions

Securely manage your customer-facing devices.

How Companies Use Moki

Moki is focused on one thing, helping companies like yours manage and secure devices for customer-facing experiences. Thanks to Moki mobile device management, nearly any iOS or Android device can be transformed into single-purpose business tools. Moki gives companies around the world complete remote management for implementing system and software updates, troubleshooting support and more.

Want to create immersive self-service experiences for your customers using tablet kiosks? Remote management capabilities, like those provided by Moki, are making deployment, monitoring and control of these solutions quick, easy and extremely cost effective. Learn More ›

Need to deliver dynamic content that stands out from traditional signage? Tablet-based digital signage allows you to deliver interactive content that replaces printed signage in brick-and-mortar stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, airports and more. Moki allows for quick setup and simple management of devices delivering this content. Learn More ›

Looking to upgrade your POS systems to provide more intuitive and user-friendly payment experiences? Moki can be enabled to securely provide either mPOS or ePOS solutions that replace or supplement traditional in-store payment systems on iOS and Android devices. Learn More ›

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