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In Moki TMS, Tags are used to help label and tell certain devices from one another. This helps the user to filter devices quickly and allow for unique labeling. Tags also help in creating Device groups with the desired devices from the device list. 

Creating a Tag

The process of creating a tag in Moki TMS is fairly straightforward

  1. Navigate to the Tags tab across the top of Moki
    Tags Tab
  2. In the upper left hand corner lies a “+” Icon. Clicking that brings up the menu for creating the tag.
    Creating Tag
  3. The next step is naming the Tag, just like the example below.
    Finalizing tag

Other Functionality

Moki TMS allows the user to search through their tags and see if they are being used as the user desired. This is down by clicking the search bar in the upper left-hand corner and typing in fothe desired tag.

Once a Tag is created, it can easily be edited. This is done by clicking the desired Tag under the Tags tab. Located on the right hand side of the screen, the tag name will appear also with an edit icon. Simply click the edit button and created the desired changes.

Editing Tag

Deleting Tags

Tags can be easily deleted within Moki.

Process of Deleting a Tag:

  1. Click on the Tags Tab within the TMS Platform
  2. Highlight the tag that you wish to be deleted
  3. Press the Trash Can Icon towards the top of the screen
    Deleting Tag
  4. A pop up screen will then show asking if you wish to confirm the deletion, if so click “Remove”
    Confirmation deleting tag


Usage of Tags

In Moki, TMS tags are used to help filter devices or allow devices to be labeled with certain criteria. For example, if you had a group of devices that were all being held within a specific building, these devices could all have a tag labeling them as “Building A”. this allows the end-user to have more abilities of organization and allowing the devices to be easily identified between one another.

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