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This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


This category covers Moki's iOS management solution.

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This category covers Moki's Android Enterprise management solution.


This category covers Moki's BrightSign management solution.


This category provides general FAQs about Moki's solutions.

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Welcome to platform tours, your destination to become a device managing expert

If you’ve watched our setup videos you have just touched on the basics, now it’s time to dig deeper and unlock the power of Manager. We’ll explore the full functionality that awaits on every page so you can understand the potential, run more efficiently and customize your experience or that of your customers. 

We understand that an MDM platform is new to most people and therefore you may want to know the possibilities, as well as the bells and whistles that make Manager sing. If knowledge is power then this is the place for you to become a king (or queen) of having a great MDM experience.

How it Works

Tour 1 starts at the very beginning with the first page you see when you log in. Each article has a link to the next article in the tour to keep you moving along or you can use the links below to jump to what you’re needing in the moment (just in case you decide that taking in a whole platform in one shot isn’t wise). Many of our customers want to be self managed and have personnel on hand that can troubleshoot anything. If you’re wanting to be an expert we recommend three things:

  1. Complete this series of articles
  2. Get a sound understanding of the broad range of support materials available to you here in the Support Center ( This forum is called Platform Tours)
  3. A dedicated testing device in-house, enrolled in Manager and running the exact same setup as in the field

Lets get started, click a link below to begin!

Manager Tours


Start Tour » Manager Tour 1 – Dashboard

Apps Tours

Start Tour » Apps Tour 1 – Navigating to Apps

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