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Welcome to the Partner Portal

Understanding Moki Total Control’s Partner Portal

Welcome to the Moki family! These next few articles will show you mostly everything you need to know to get started with Moki. If you run into trouble, email for help.

You’ll find the following functionality in the Partner Portal:

  • Create new accounts and administrators
  • Access all accounts from one central location
  • Create default settings for all new accounts you create
  • Customize the apps different accounts need access to
  • Reports containing device and app enrollment statistics for your accounts

Step 1: Login to

You should have received an invitation to create your account. You will need a Google account to access the Partner Portal of Moki Total Control (MTC) because MTC uses Google App Engine and therefore only a Google account can get you in. If you don’t have a Google account go to, where you can use one of your existing email addresses or create a new gmail address to use for MTC. For the best experience use the Chrome browser when using MTC as it is our only supported browser. Do not use Internet Explorer.

When you click the link in the invitation from an email that is tied to a Google account, your information will automatically populate so all you have to do is agree to the terms and hit Sign Up.

You are now logged into the partner portal where you will take care of managing the creation of new accounts and admins. Your portal should look something like this image.

From here you’ll be able to:

  1. Create and delete accounts
  2. Invite Partner Admins
  3. Set expiration dates on accounts
  4. Migrate devices from account to account
  5. Review usage stats from your accounts
  6. Jump directly into an account to manage or support their devices

We’ll learn more about all these features in the following steps and articles, first we’ll continue getting your account setup and ready to enroll devices.

Step 2: Coming Back to Moki Total Control

The link in your email expires after you complete this process so you’ll want to save to your bookmarks so you can come back to the Partner Portal. From the Partner Portal you’ll be able to jump directly to any account you wish. If you go directly to prior to jumping to any accounts you will get a blank screen with a Moki header. If this happens go to

Step 3: Inviting another Admin

You are probably not the only person that will be managing accounts and that means you will want to invite someone else. There are two types of admins, partner admin and account admins. Partner admins have access to all accounts associated with your partner account while accounts admins only have access to specific accounts. Here is how you’ll invite a partner admin:

  • Click the + icon in the Actions bar
  • Fill out the form with their name and email Select their name and email
  • Hit Invite

The person you invited will go through the same process you did on your invite. Feel free to send them this article to understand the Partner Portal. To invite a second partner admin you will want to “X” out of the box and start with a fresh box

Step 4: How to get into your account

    • Click the Jump-to icon next to your account name and select Go to Tenant

  • The first time you go into an account there will be a dialogue box. If you are using iOS click the setup APNS link and follow the instructions in the iOS enrollment article. If you are using Android you can click the Dismiss this Warning button

Next Article: Setting Up and Managing Multiple Accounts

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