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Creating Tablet-Based Commerce Solutions

Regardless of whether you need payment terminals, self-service kiosks or digital signage, you might be considering tablet-based technology as a less expensive, more efficient option than legacy WindowsⓇ and proprietary solutions. Kudos. Tablet-based commerce devices take advantage of Android and iOS and are hardened for a single purpose, meaning they are specifically built for commerce and customer engagement and only that.

What does it take?

Moki Capabilities

You need device hardware. You need an app.
And you need a way to control both.


You’ll need the actual tablets, printers, device enclosures, and everything else it takes to roll out a new deployment. Through our hardware partnerships [link to partner page], we help our clients develop and source the right devices, peripherals and enclosures required for their tablet-based commerce solutions.


You’ll need to deliver content and an experience, which means you’ll need an app. This can be as simple as a website or as extensive as a custom-built app delivering anything you can imagine. Moki gives you the ability to lock an experience to a website or deliver any number of apps in a controlled experience.


For large deployments, device management is not enough. You’ll need the ability to control every aspect of your fleet. Control means the device is hardened against abuse and misuse. Moki is leading a new wave of device control with capabilities you simply can’t get with traditional MDM.

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