Why Moki?

Because Your MDM Solution Should Be Painless

Moki’s SaaS platform was specifically designed to simplify the deployment and management of single-purpose, multi-user solutions. Our products and best-in-class support team enable Moki customers to deploy more quickly–typically 30 minutes or less–with more control of their environments, and at a price that is significantly better than other MDM providers. From our in-depth product demos to our unparalleled customer support, we work to make every step of the deployment and management process as uncomplicated as possible.

Remote Device
Management Made Simple

Whether you’re looking to manage an interactive kiosk, POS station, or display content on digital signage, managing tablet devices requires three main components:

Moki Total Control serves as a management system that secures your devices, updates your application or UX, and
monitors device health in real-time. Don’t have existing devices? By leveraging one of Moki’s OEM device partners, you can have devices shipped with Moki preinstalled as a system-level application for no-touch, easy deployments. Contact us to learn more.

Featured Solutions

Moki Features

Device Lockdown

Use Moki’s true kiosk mode or application lock-down to create hardened, single-purpose devices that limit user access to specific applications or URLs. Moki includes a fully customizable launcher and kiosk application with built-in remote settings management that allows you to personalize devices for your brand.

Device Management

Moki gives you the ability to easily manage fleets of devices, updating applications & profiles, setting device behavior & scheduling events. Manage individual devices, groups, or all your devices at once. For Android devices, Moki offers the ability to have full remote control of your devices, allowing you to see the screen and interact real-time.

Device Monitoring

Moki allows you to create custom alerts based on events or other data points, including low battery & application crashes. Using the Moki SDK, you can also be alerted when specific events are triggered within your own applications. Receive alerts via text message, email, or via exported JSON file sent to an alert URL.


Moki allows you to embed our custom SDK into your iOS or Android applications, allowing you to control settings and set alerts via your Moki dashboard remotely. Using Moki’s APIs, you can push updates and perform actions on any of your devices.

Regulatory Compliance

The Moki Total Control Platform is run on top of the Google Cloud Platform and is both PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant. Moki has undergone and passed independent security audits from SecurityMetrics for the PCI DSS standard.

World-Class Support

Moki’s industry-best customer support is committed to a 30 minute or less response rate and has a proven track record of resolving 90% of issues during the initial conversation. Moki Support is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time.

How Does Moki Compare To Other MDM Providers?



Preserves general-use nature of devices


Enables single-purpose lockdown

Not built for provisioning large blocks of devices at once


We make rolling out 1,000 devices (or more) seem like cake

Relies on an actual person, physically monitoring the device


Remote device visibility that monitors and provides alerts

Limited to device-specific security features


Beyond the security already on the device, our solution adds the ability to see dangerous behavior on apps, peripherals and devices

People must be present to initiate updates and actions


People are optional thanks to hands-free, remote management

Updates are not scheduled and only occur when someone at the device clicks “accept”


Events and actions can be prescheduled and can be initiated without needing someone at the device