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Moki Total Control for Customer Facing Devices

Device management, security and insights.

Our cloud-based platform gives you Total Control over your Customer Facing Devices. From the apps, hardware and look-and-feel, Moki Total Control delivers the industry's only remote management solution for digital kiosks, digital signage, mPOS, interactive displays and more. Many innovative companies trust us to deliver a unified brand experience in physical locations via tablets, displays or kiosks.

With Moki Total Control, you can...


With flexible deployment options that range from touching every device (good for small deployments) all the way to bulk configuration and deployment from the factory, Moki can help you launch tablet solutions of all shapes and sizes.

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Updating devices in the field is our specialty. Unlike other device management providers, we specialize in updating devices without user consent. Installing apps, profiles or changing content on-the-fly are cornerstones of Moki Total Control.

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With Moki, you can measure the performance of every device in the field. Understand which content or screens are generating the most interest, conversions or touches. Using facial detection, we can even determine the number of people who have engaged with the device.

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Customer-facing versus employee-facing devices

What you might call a kiosk or digital display, we call a Customer Facing Device or CFD. CFDs have very different needs than employee-facing devices. There are many MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) providers that focus on devices that are used by their employees for email and productivity tasks. Under that scenario, it’s perfectly acceptable for your employees to provide consent for app updates or OS upgrades.

On the other hand, Customer Facing Devices are owned and operated by your business and may be deployed in hundreds of manned or unmanned locations worldwide. These devices are used by your customers or employees to perform a specific task. They have no owner who can provide consent for regular updates or troubleshoot problems. That’s where Moki steps in with Moki Total Control to deliver complete remote management of your CFD’s throughout its lifecycle.

Moki controls both Android and iOS devices.

Customer Facing Devices are typically powered by Android or iOS. Our customers are finding success on both platforms as they deploy fleets of devices. If you aren't sure which platform is best-suited for your needs, have a look at the following information or reach out to our sales team with your specific needs.

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Businesses are succeeding with Moki.


Belly, Inc. Kiosks Worldwide


RAB Lighting Sales Increase


New Email Signups Per Month from VinoPRO kiosks

Customer Facing Devices need Moki Total Control.


Our platform enables remote management of your Customer Facing Devices. This includes hardware settings, content management, app management and device health monitoring.

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We ensure your Customer Facing Devices are securely locked into your desired experience to prevent undesirable use. Policy-based controls and alerts are in place to notify you of anomalies.

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We deliver comprehensive analytics on device usage via front-facing camera and screen touches. These Digital Interactions are tracked and reported in real-time for analysis and optimization.

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