Cloud Based Total Control For Customer Facing Devices

Moki’s cloud-based software gives its customers Total Control over their Customer Facing Devices. Forward-looking organizations use Customer Facing Devices for Digital Interactions to elevate customer experience. Moki Total Control empowers organizations to remotely manage, secure, and analyze hardware, operating systems, applications and content on Customer Facing Devices.

Moki Powers Customer Facing Devices

Customer Facing Devices provide Digital Interactions at physical locations.

Customer Facing Devices create unprecedented opportunities for your customer to interact with your brand and offerings. In-store devices deliver relevant and contextual interactions that can be measured and optimized.

Examples of Customer Facing Devices include Digital Kiosks, Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), Ruggedized Devices, Digital Signage or Headless Devices. Retailers, for example, deploy tablets in aisles to attract millennials and reinforce online brand messages with in-store experiences.


Customer Facing Devices Vs. Employee Facing Devices

Customer Facing Devices is a new market segment. Traditional Mobile Devices Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors focus on Employee Facing Devices (EFD), which include ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’. Employees use these devices for communication and productivity applications. Management of these devices is employee-consent driven.

On the other hand, Customer Facing Devices (CFD) are owned and operated by your business. With Moki, you have Total Control over the lifecycle of CFD.

Moki Gives You Total Control

Moki gives you Total Control over your Customer Facing Devices. Moki Total Control is the combination of management, security, and analytics at the device and app levels.

Examples of features needed for Customer Facing Devices include monitoring charging/battery status, installing apps without user consent, controlling access to settings, causing an app to run continuously, restarting that app to ensure high availability and sending alerts when these activities change.

Moki Total Control = Management + Security + Analytics


Moki enables remote hardware settings control, content management, OS updates, app updates, app management and device health monitoring.

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Moki enables policy-based controls, device lockdown, endpoint control and monitoring, jailbreak/root detection, risk-scoring, realtime monitoring and data leakage protection.

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Moki provides comprehensive analytics on all customer digital interaction with the devices, and all device health and performance analytics.

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Moki Powers Both Android And iOS

Customer Facing Devices are usually powered by Android and iOS operation systems. Moki customers are finding success on both platforms. Moki is device-platform agnostic and powers single-platform and multi-platform deployments.

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