Optimize business processes with automated tablet-based devices.

Corporate MDM

Reduce IT & Operations Expenses with Secure Devices

From small business to Fortune 500 companies, businesses looking to technology to solve problems, optimize business processes, save their customers’ and employees’ times and ultimately save money by deploying digital kiosk and digital signage solutions into office spaces and company-owned facilities. Moki allows business to quickly and easily secure these devices, remotely manage content and device settings and be alerted if issues arise.

Increase Customer and Employee Satisfaction with Moki

Business owners trust Moki to manage their device deployments for the following common industry specific scenarios:

Simplify the Day to Day

Corporations around the globe are deploying single-use or single-purpose digital kiosk devices across their facilities to perform a wide variety of tasks. These devices facilitate digital interactions that would have historically been facilitated face to face or on pen and paper from completing employee satisfaction surveys and HR forms to purchasing company required uniforms and apparel. These tools are also used for company compliance and training services.

Reserve Meeting and Conference Space

Moki gives office management or corporate IT a way to optimize room-booking processes. Digital meeting and conference room-booking devices can prevent double bookings, interrupted meetings, and confusion. These devices save time and eliminate hassle so companies can focus on getting things done.

Increase Visitor Satisfaction

Corporations are deploying digital devices to deliver content and relevant tenant information to customers, employees, or visitors. These digital building directories replace outdated printed directories and save building management time and money every time they need to update tenant information. Digital building directories are usually secured to one application or website.

Secure Check-in Services

Digital visitor check-in devices offer end-to-end visitor management, certification, and reporting for individuals visiting corporate locations and offices. These devices typically come with the ability to enter visitor information, take pictures of visitor identification documents, print off visitor badges, sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), and more. Using these devices replaces traditional paper visitor books and helps save time.

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